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Wedding Business Strategist and Aisle Planner, Google, and Dubsado set-up

Simplify with Aisle Planner, Google, or Dubsado set-up.

Wed 2 You is a wedding planning business that offers business consulting, Google, Aisle Planner, and Dubsado set-up for wedding industry professionals and other creatives. Whether you're looking for support with streamlining all your systems or need Dubsado set-up to start using templates effectively, we've got you covered.

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We'll discuss which services and path to take that best suits you, the way you process information, and your business needs. We offer a curated experience path for business owners who want to grow their business but may not have all the bandwidth and want done-for-you style of service. If you're looking for something a little more budget-friendly and hands-on approach to your business, then the guided implementation path is perfect for you. We can always mix and match paths!


Here’s the great news!... You don’t have to wait till the project is complete to get access to the tools, templates, and collateral. You’ll gain access to these aspects as soon as we have completed that section of the project to automatically apply to your daily work and clients. 


After we kick off our project together, we will schedule strategy calls and sessions that work best for your schedule and bandwidth to work through the process of completing the services within the project. We will use platforms and softwares to keep us on target and delegate tasks to hit our benchmarks to optimize our time together.


After our project is complete, we stay in touch! There will be a post-project follow-up session to review how things are going and if you’re ready to take the next step on a future project. If you ever have an issue with templates, tools, or software implemented, you can always schedule a quick session to help you. 

Inquire and schedule a call to discuss your current problems in your business and what you think you may need help streamlining, organizing, or automating to grow your business. 

Reach Out & Setup a Discovery Call

Customized Proposal

Onboarding & Strategy Calls


Up-level your wedding services and take the stress out of your business.

You started your business to do what you were born to do - serving clients through your creative services. But somewhere between the exciting client inquiry and wedding day, you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and wondering how to get back to doing what you love every day.

"Rebecca is just your person!

- Rebecca Steele

As a small business owner, we all need someone by our side to help - Rebecca is just your person! Her knowledge of the ins and outs of the wedding business, as well as being crazy organized, makes her perfect for anyone looking for help. She assists with on-off projects, long-term office assistance, even marketing/SEO and business coaching. She focuses on learning about your unique business so she can tailor her services to you. She is also just super fun and awesome to be around!!

Hard Collateral Templates

We help establish hard collateral templates that are for more internal use. These templates store in your cloud storage to be resources for you and your team. Some of these pieces consist of:

  • Sales Workflows - step-by-step process from lead inquiry to booked client
  • Operations Workflows - phased steps from onboarding a client to post-event
  • Email Templates - common emails for pre-booking and post-booking
  • Meeting Templates - tracking information for habitual meetings such as discovery call, final details, or final walk-through

Curated Collateral Templates

Curated collateral is your business’ time to shine! These templates are client facing and will be branded with your colors, fonts, logos, and copywriting. We’ll create custom branded collateral that fits with your brand voice and speaks to your ideal clients. Some of these templates consist of:

  • Proposal Templates - wow your clients with a proposal that feels caterer to them without being a time suck
  • Welcome Letters - set clear expectations for your clients to understand how the process will go, how to reach out, and best methods to communicate. 
  • How-To Guides - outline frequently asked questions or best methods to move forward with a vendor, service, or more to set your clients up for success

CRM Build-Out

While I am an Aisle Planner, Google, and Dubsado expert, I am very familiar and accustomed to a large variety of client-relation and project management softwares. I help you build out custom solutions to streamline your processes in your CRM system, apply pre-existing collateral, and implement new collateral and best tactics & tools that will truly feel like you and your brand. I partner with you to ensure we’re setting up the most efficient and effective systems possible for your team and your clients with hospitality always at the forefront.

Business Audit

Unsure of where to start? Maybe you just need us to take a peek at your business to see if you’re “doing it right”? This is the perfect service for you. I review your overall business methods, tools, and softwares that you are currently using. We establish best steps to take to enhance and enrich your business to enable growth and development. 

Think of the curated experience path as a 5-star concierge style experience where everything is done-for-you, but I work very collaboratively with you to ensure all aspects are tailored to you, your business, and your brand to target your ideal clients. Guided implementation is more of a DIY path where we work closely to build upon business aspects and project manage you to ensure completion of the project. 

What is the difference between Curated Experience and Guided Implementation?

Frequently Asked Questions

No! As soon as the tools or software is up and running, you can apply them to your workflow and everyday tasks. That’s the benefit of working with us. The results are instant!

Do I have to wait until the end of a project to gain access to the tools?

Wedding professionals are busy humans! A lot of pros, this is their side hustle on top of their 9-5 and personal life. It can feel quite overwhelming to even think about carving out time for your business. Our projects are handled over a course of time and set to you and your schedule. Tasks are completed throughout the process at an achievable and manageable level for you. Typically projects last anywhere between 2 months to 6+ months pending on the project. 

How long does a project typically last?

Anytime! I work with wedding pros at various stages in their business. If you’re first starting out and don’t know what next steps to take, let’s chat. Or if you have been in business for over 10 years and looking to scale and grow your team, then let’s connect to establish a strategy that works best for you, your team, and your business. 

What stage of my business do I need to be in to work with you: 1, 3, 5+ years?

While I do specialize in assisting wedding professionals, I do help out other creative professionals. Let’s schedule a time to discuss, if we are the right fit for one another.

Do you work with business owners who aren’t in the wedding industry?

- Ja’el, The Coordinated Collective 

"Becca improved our back-end processes...

Becca improved our back-end processes by upgrading the resources we provide to our clients and improving the onboarding process for new couples. By enhancing our SOPs, we onboarded two new lead coordinators who understood our business model and could take on their first wedding clients in less time than before. "

Ready to take the stress out of your business?