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Through over a decade in the events and hospitality industry and in conjunction of running my own full-time wedding business, I've learned some secrets to running an efficient wedding business along the way. These tactics and tools will keep you from wanting to throw your computer out the window or having endless stress headaches when it comes to your business.

I'm an Aisle Planner, Google, and Dubsado expert, I help you create and establish tools and standard operating procedures to enable growth and increase productivity in your wedding business through custom tailored packages.

While I'm a wedding planner in DMV area, I work virtually with wedding business owners all over the world!

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Take the stress out of the daily tasks of owning your wedding business.

xoxo, Becca

Business Strategist & Wedding Planner in Virginia

Call me Becca, or your winglady, or your hype woman.

After 10+ years of experience in the events and hospitality industries, I decided to make the jump into entrepreneurship and launch my wedding planning business. I'm passionate about planning weddings for people who want to make the day a party that's unique to them as humans and as a couple to celebrate their love surrounded by all of their important people.

After getting diagnosed with MS, I experienced a huge shift in my life and business. I started to notice how the working world isn't set up to allow people with disabilities to prosper. In turn, I learned that I need to be more cognizant and self-aware of parts of life and work because of MS. My own experience inspired me to combine my expertise and knowledge to become a business strategist and systems expert for wedding business owners.

Whether you're a couple in love looking for a fun outgoing Type A wedding planner, or if you're a wedding business looking to streamline your processes, I'm your lady.

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Becca Mai

Wed 2 You | Wedding Planner in Virginia 

Gone are the days when all weddings look the same. If you're here looking for a wedding planner who will tell you exactly the traditions you need to follow and how weddings “should be”, then we're not a good fit. Yet, if you're searching for a wedding planner in the Virginia area who will guide you through the confusing process, let you do you, and plan a day that fits your personalities as individuals and a couple, then I am your person!

Whether you're just starting your planning journey or are at the stage of looking for a coordinator to tie together all the loose ends, let's chat about how to make your wedding day uniquely yours.

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Wanna break tradition? 

What better way than your wedding day. This is the best day to break tradition.

Becca was organized, thoughtful, and reliable throughout the process.

-Yosef & Sydney

All of our vendors, family, and guests loved their interactions with Becca and commented on her clarity of instruction and flawless execution of the event. Most importantly, throughout the process Becca made sure the event was tailored to what we wanted. She never said "that's not possible", even when we threw curveballs her way. We couldn't have been more impressed, thank you Becca!

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Sick of the same old, same old?

I'm in an interracial marriage (shout out to my partner & love, Phil!), and we quickly realized how the wedding industry tries to make couples who don't fit a mainstream narrative fit the mold. We also got married in the height of the pandemic, and understand all the added pressures that go into planning for your big day. We shortly realized that the big ballroom wedding just isn't for everyone.

My passion is to help you bring your dream day to life - a day that fully celebrates YOU and your love story. If you're looking for an inclusive wedding planner in Virginia and the surrounding areas, I'm here to be your wedding guru and hype woman throughout the process.


What sets me apart -



Elegant Style

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Weddings should be FUN! If you're not smiling your a** off at the end of your big day, then we’ve got a problem. I am here to help you plan so that your day is fun, not stressful.

Whether you have grandiose wedding dreams or want something that's a little more intimate and down-to-earth, I know how to plan an event that combines your personality with elegance and grace.

While I'm great at seeing the big-picture and overall vision, I'm also detail-oriented and help you spot the minute details in between and create solutions to solve any issues throughout the planning process to enable you to truly enjoy the day.

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